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Several years ago I started working with my uncle at his wood fired oven bakery in Monteagle learning all the cool tips and tricks of baking bread in this type of oven. After getting married to my beautiful wife Amanda, we started selling pizza to family and friends... and eventually even strangers... from our backyard! We always had a dream of owning a restaurant and that dream eventually turned into a food truck.

After 4 years of taking pizza to the people as the food truck Local Slice, we are so excited to have a permanent home as Pizzeria Cortile in Red Bank, TN. Because Cortile is a reflection of who we are, our guests feel like they are hanging out with friends in the backyard.

Pizzeria Cortile is our dream coming to life. Over the last four years we have been inspired by our customers' loyalty and love of our food. When we opened Local Slice we could only hope that people would be on board with what we were doing. We have been welcomed into the Chattanooga community with open arms. Making excellent pizza is only part of the equation, but the people we have met along the way have been our real inspiration. We are excited to have a place where our customers can come and hang out, and we can get to know them even better.

The design of the restaurant features an open kitchen, centered around a beautiful handmade wood fired oven. The Acunto Mario oven was built in Naples, Italy by a third generation oven builder. As the backbone of the space and the heart of our operation, this oven fills the room with energy that makes the restaurant come alive.

Red Bank is home for us and we want to be part of the community.

Justin & Amanda Bennett
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